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Opioid Addiction:

Addiction is a chronic relapsing primary brain disease. So, if you are a patient seeking treatment for the first time, or if you have had multiple relapses, you will find that Assisted Recovery Centers of America offers a unique approach.

You can expect one-on-one visits with Dr. Chris Saldanha in a private office setting, offering the latest, most effective treatments that will help you gain long-term success. You will be treated while you are still in your everyday environment, with minimal disruption to work schedules or family obligations.

At your first visit, our physicians will start prescribing FDA-approved Buprenorphine to decrease withdrawal symptoms and control your cravings for opioids. Once you are free of your cravings, you can start to make the behavioral changes that will rebuild your life. This allows YOU — not drugs — to take control of YOUR life!

For our patients who have tried buprenorphine but feel they need a different anti-craving medication, we offer the once-monthly injection Vivitrol.

Are you ready to GET A SHOT AT LIFE? We are ready to work with you!